best of the worst, did I say worst? I mean best

October 3, 2008

There's a lot of content here. Quit wading through poop and get to the good stuff.

story corner
o' most glorious tales from days past

how I learned to stop worrying and start getting kicked out of the McDonalds restroom for being a drug lord
more milkshakes
this is WAR, peacock
wheel of morality, turn turn turn
go home pinterest, you are drunk 
it was a turn of events
the best gift I've ever given
parenthood is not for the squeamish
I do not talk to strangers
a taste of things to come
I like you
this is not a love story (yes it is)

muh favorite
don't ask why, I can't tell you

on a neck, on a spit
what love looks like
this is all a very funny joke
I can't even really explain this
they are the lantern and you are the light
woe are we, we vaginae
between the click of the light and the start of the dream
breathe in, breathe out, then don't
year eleven
gold hair in the sunlight 

well tended, well loved, or just well read

this is a horror story about spanx
the accent vlog
the birth of the jude
dear jude: two
why I'm failing as a Yes-Mom
take better pictures with your iphone RIGHT NOW 
how to sew a mei tai baby carrier
I don't wash my hair, yes really

on parenting
occasionally informative

what parents need to know about lead poisoning
it takes a village (to kick someone's ass)
never make the cow eyes at colonel sanders
breastfeeding your toddler? shit yeah you should!
the pumping at work series: gear | when and where | troubleshooting | morale
pumping and flying
baby sign language basics
the one about cloth diapers
is he sleeping through the night? the questions | the science of baby sleep
welcome to the angry house, where it's ok to be angry
taking your toddler to the movies
pearls of wisdom
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