more than just a list of bullshit that i've done in the past

October 2, 2008

This is a chronicling of my rise– TO POWER.

start at the very beginning
(I don't actually recommend this, oh my how things have changed.)

Or skip ahead to the important and fun parts:
the pregnancy announcement
the birth of jude
jude: one year old
jude: two years old 

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I have, controversially, added one of those "archives" widgets in the sidebar, and I say controversially because I don't believe they work, just like I don't believe in sunshowers. So. It's over there if that's your poison. Good luck.

Search and seizure:
I used to have one of those search-bar doodads but it never worked right- okay I have one again. Maybe it will work. Maybe you will find what you need. But if there's something specific from the past you're looking for and you're having trouble just shoot me a note and I'll hunt it down lickity-split. Seriously, I don't mind.
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