alone at last

December 18, 2008

if you've ever wondered why i hate going out in public by myself, today is why. i pull up at the gas station on the way to work because if i don't, i'll run out of gas before i get there. as the guy next to me is pulling away he rolls down his window and says, "Hey, what's your name baby? You got a man?" look guy, this isn't a bar. it's 8am and i'm pumping gas in the 27° cold and wind. GO AWAY. what the hell is wrong with you? if i were single, that would NOT woo me.

couple this with earlier in the week when the guys in the truck stopped in the middle of the road to yell "HEY BABY!!!!" while i walked 50 feet into work. i stopped in the intersection to scream at them and flip them off, which of course they found hilarious. and the times when my friend at work was on maternity leave and i went to subway by myself and the manager guy only charged me $2 for my combo meal.... oh wait that was kind of cool. but then later in the year i saw him at the convenience store and he came up and talked to me about how he was losing his job at subway and he would never see me again. great.

i hate awkwardly interacting with people, and i that i can't go out by myself and have an incident-free experience. something freaky always happens. i can't just go to the mall or the pharmacy, something weird has to happen. one time when jon was out of town i went to the grocery store alone. go me!
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