donatos, poor choice

November 19, 2008

to understand this story you need to know that in the three story office building where i work, our department is in the basement in a corner. yeah, not cheerful.

we ordered pizza today from donatos, and told them to deliver it to the lower level. which they never ever successfully do. 30 minutes later, the receptionist pages us to let us know that the pizza man is at the front desk on the third floor. so she sends him down.

five mysterious minutes later, we hear someone knocking on the hallway door to our department. i asked my boss if she heard it to which she replied, "yeah, but it was weird so i just ignored it."

finally, pizza man opens the door and comes on in, and i have to flee to the copy room because i'm laughing so hard-followed by the best part of my day so far:

guy: this is the nicest building i've ever been in! this must be like, a fancy place. you see, i just moved here from Iowa and west Virginia and i need an apartment. do you know where i can find an apartment? i just want an apartment because i may move to you know, Nevada or Texas where i'd like to move sometime. bye!

really. really?? really?!@#!@?
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