dream of the day

November 25, 2008

last night i dreamed that jon and i were in the car, driving to a restaurant in something like avondale, and when we pulled up to where the place was, all these weird thugs were standing around their cars outside. i pulled up to parallel park and the one guy in the white jacket started yelling about how he couldnt believe i was so close to his car- except i was like five feet from his bumper and i couldnt understand why he was mad. then he pulled out a gun and started shooting at us, but because in my dreams i am a badass, we sped backwards down the street, turned, and sped away down the road.

then we were walking down Vine past a park, seeing the 3/4 house and we were nearly downtown to home, and i fell in the grass by the park into dog poo, tons and tons of dog poo, and it got in my mouth but it didnt taste like anything so i didnt really care, and jon picked me up and we kept going

then we were at our new house, laying in bed, and i could see the room around me and hear noises like someone breaking in downtairs, but our bedroom was now much bigger, and had its own solarium full of furniture that we hadnt put away yet. and then there were gunshots, the burglars were shooting up and tearing around the downstairs, so jon and i got up but they had already run away. we went out into the hall but our house was a mansion, with carved wooden railings overlooking the marble-ified downstairs. jon got on the phone and started calling repairmen to fix the house right away, and i saw a kid running around the corner. i caught him but somehow we were friends and he said, lets go downstairs, and he went down the stairs but i went down the secret stairs by the kitchen so i beat him down there and everything was all damaged and covered in puffy pink paints like their guns had shot out eyeshadow. and the kid and i were friends, and sat down, and then i woke up.
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