grumble and grunt, that's a cunt.

November 17, 2008

years ago i wrote a similar entry on livejournal. blah blah, i will write these notes, and no one will read them. livejournal was endlessly disappointing. but over the past few weeks i have been inspired by the more adult blogging explorations of others around me. maybe it doesn't have to be the angsty experience it once was. put away your eyeliner, kids and lets find out!

for posterity we should also note that i began this on a day when i was unusually emotional and depressed. this does not bode well but it seemingly fitting for an adult beginning a public diary. doom and gloom, doom and gloom.

if no one i know knows about my blog i can say all kinds of things in total honesty, which i hardly ever do except to my husband. except later when i keep going and they find out about it and read about themselves and i get in big trouble. which would be worse, reading about yourself on your friend/coworkers blog, or reading about a person with a generic name who is SUSPICIOUSLY like you on your friends blog?

hard to tell. i read an article once from a guy that said he was going to try to be 100% honest all the time, and all the trouble he got in but the freeing feeling there was from being upfront with people. sounds refreshing in concept, but then again also no.

as noted so long ago in annoying discarded diary #1, i do not believe in capitalization at this time. call it a quirk. yes, i know how and that most intelligent people find it annoying. that's not the point. probably. its a personality issue, or if you prefer, and affectation.

my husband yelled at me yesterday for using the word affectation. either it doesn't mean what I think it means, or it doesn't mean with HE thinks it means. i could look it up, but i'm convinced that i'm right and i just couldn't take the blow of wrongness today. he outsmarts me at every turn.

either way,

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