Tuesday is the day that I hate everyone

November 18, 2008

actually, tuesday is not usually the day that i hate everyone. but for some reason it is this week.

our previous dog is not adjusting well to the new dog. he. hates. her. on the flip side, she thinks he is the best thing in the world. this has lead to alot of bitey-bitey growly-growly action. the husband and i are worried about it, but i keep trying to convince myself that if we're patient they'll adjust to eachother. it's only been a few weeks.

this is the typical evening at our house:
i come home and husband is already home with the dogs almost always watching tv, while the dogs walk around the living room.

Nico spends every second of the entire evening trying to angle his way up onto the couch, which we have temporarily banned due to the issues we're having.

Bang runs all around the room over and over, attacking things and zipping around. she also spends most of her time trying to sit with us, until she gives up and goes to sleep on the landing with the shoes. she growls at the stairs and rubs her face all around the steps for some reason. she's very weird.

whenever one of us plays with the other one, the other one runs over to have to join in. which is fine if it's Nico joining in with Bang, but if it's Bang joining in with Nico there will be hell to pay. hell i tell you. commence, the meanest face ever and growing and snarling and chasing. that's most of the time. her trying to bug him, and him freaking out. oh, the times.

eventually someone needs to go outside, at which point one of the three of us will have poo on our feet when we come back in, and i freak out and yell at everyone only to discover that it is on my own shoe.

it will get better, right?

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