dream of the day

December 2, 2008

i had a really crazy dream last night and i woke up suddenly at about 3 am and thought, "must remember, must remember, must remember" but... this is all i remember about one of the most odd dreams i've ever had:

jon stewart (now a repeat offender in my dreams, we've got to stop watching the daily show before bed) is giving me a tour of my own house because he lives in our attic. as we walked upstairs he told me, "jamie, poor people live in the basement, rich people live upstairs." and in dream world this made perfect sense to me and i said "ohhh of course! that explains all the 2-story houses in the suburbs." because somehow people with less money would have bedrooms in the basement instead of above. and then he wanted me to bake him cinnamon-sausage rolls.

there was more that was probably more awesome, but that's all i've got.
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