free at last part II: holiday recap

December 29, 2008

yo yo everyone! i hope you had a great holiday. i'm back to the grind today, meaning i need to catch up on a lot of my internets before jon's birthday on thursday. i also thought i'd run down the holiday events of the last week, though i'm thoroughly exhausted.

as i last left you, jenn and dan came into town friday with their woofers to stay at our new house. we had a blast, ate great foods, and listened to this over and over. now i can't get it out of my head! you're bastard people, you are.

right when they came into town we splurged on a fancy-pants dinner at Slims which is around the corner from our new house and OH MY is it terribly delicious. jon's pork was melty-to-die-for and i had some kind of antibaptist hare probably raised by amish people. i'd highly recommend it, though it was the first restaurant i've been to where you are free (and encouraged) to provide all your own beverages, from wine to soda. sort of weird since you don't know what you're eating ahead of time and we ran out of wine halfway through.

sunday all four of us plus our four dogs caravaned up to indy to stay at jon's mom and dad's house. see what happens is, every year i say to jon, "oh, we should save up all our holiday pay so we can take off at christmas!" and then we do, and then every year i say, "we're NEVER doing that AGAIN! i'm so TIRED and i want to be at HOME!" because, you know, i'm a freaky homebody.

we did survive/have fun though. sometimes with all the 8 brothers and sisters plus their spouses getting together the schedule is out of control. the only day we could all agree to do family christmas was on tuesday. it was eventful. we also went to jon's grandparent's house, visited our niece in the hospital, ate christmas brunch, went shopping, went to my parents christmas thing, hung out with various siblings that live far away, ate yats, and even went into broadripple for some drinks with friends, etc. etc. etc. we finally ended up at home yesterday. thank god.

we immediately went to ikea when we got home to spent our christmas gift card on this, which i am thrilled about. WOOT WOOT! while we were there though we realized that they are discontinuing the bed we wanted so we had to go ahead and buy the last one (surprise!). at least it was on sale a huge amount off the price posted on their site. one of these days i guess we'll get around to painting it black. sooner or later.

cheers to being back at work. i have massive amounts of photos to load up and now videos to post, thanks to my christmas gift from jon and my new flickrPRO membership from my mom. enjoy.
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