old times

December 8, 2008

this is one of my favorite stories from a few years ago to share with you...

jon and i were going through the drive-through at mcdonalds (before i stopped eating there, ever) and i have to preface this by letting you know that i hate talking to people in public, and especially drive-through windows. it always seems to be mass chaos because i can't hear them and they can't hear me, etc. i'm always on edge at the drive-through. anyways, we order some doublé chees and i order a oreo mcflurry, because damned if those aren't good and cincinnati doesn't have access to very many dairy queens.

we pull around to the paying window and pay. so far so good. next, we pull around to the pick-up window and get our food. she hands us the bagged food part of our order and then hands me the mcflurry, which i notice is just a plop of vanilla ice cream with oreo crap sprinkled on top with a spoon jammed in it. i don't really remember the incident that well, but this is what i'm told happened next by my (then) roommate,

me: "uhhhhh, you didn't stir this."
indifferent ghetto mcdonalds lady: "oh.... yeah, our machine is broken."
me: "well that's unfortunate. you probably should have told me that when i ordered one."

and then i threw it back in the window and drove away.
the end.
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