personal self evaluations

December 17, 2008

this week at work it is the time when we fill out our unnecessarily long personal self evaluations and turn them in to our supervisors. last year i actually got in trouble for rating myself too high. i can't help it if i think i'm awesome, ok? it's a fine line to walk between rating yourself too low and saying you think you suck and rating yourself too high because you think you're doing an ok job.
i rock, suck it!

in that spirit, i think it's time for a little personal self evaluation. i have a problem with only loving one thing, and loving it and loving it until it burns up and dies in a fiery pile of sadness. right now it's pizza. there is not enough pizza in the world to fill my love of pizza. if my entire desk, keyboard, phone, and chair were made of pizza that would not be enough pizza. before pizza it was chinese food, and before that tuna wraps, lebanese food, steak 'n shake, chipotle burritos, dairy queen hot dogs, double cheese burgers, and powdered sugar.

yes when i was a child i was obsessed with powdered sugar. and because i was incredibly weird i gave myself a powdered sugar allowance. once a month, i would go to the pantry and scoop out about a cup and a half of powdered sugar into a bowl and eat it with a spoon. and now that i think about it every day after school for about two years my mom would take me to dairy queen and i would eat a cup of hot fudge. i used to order sundaes but i only wanted the hot fudge so eventually the lady would just give me that instead. how did this happen? and sorry to jon, who has to eat a single food for months at a time. we've been eating a lot of pizza for a long time, in fact it's wednesday so it is pizza night again, even though we had pizza on monday. maybe it will be over soon jon, maybe.

I've often wondered if I should take the time to actually capitalize things. But, as long as I can remember in personal online correspondence I have avoided capitalizing things and especially the letter 'i'. I really just don't think I'm that important, do you? No. Besides, the way my sentences flow together because there are no capital letters mirrors the flow of my mind.

Yeah I learned that bullshitting skill in art school, where it doesn't matter what the hell you turn in as long as you can explain its deep, deep meaning. However, capitalized letters were invented for a reason and because I took classes in school like Typography I understand their form and function. Sentence caps help indicate to the eye where a thought starts and stops, which is why in advertising I hate it so much when people use Title Caps. It Makes Every Word Feel Super Important equally as annoying as not using any at all. If it weren't for the fact that I use way too many commas I would have gotten perfect grades in English class all through school. So what do you think, do I need to start capitalizing things for your reading ease?
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