putting the "christ" back in christmas my ass.

December 3, 2008

i'm going to be a little controversial here because i have to get this off my chest- i can't stand all this "put the 'christ' back in christmas" propaganda out this year. i couldn't agree with this or this more, and i'll tell you why, and then maybe i'll feel less like punching people about it.

the general media switched to 'happy holidays' to be more inclusive to people across the world who are of different faiths- and as someone who works at a Jewish run company, we take that very seriously here. saying happy holidays to someone is not the same as saying, "fuck you jesus, i hate your birthday that isn't even the day you may or may not have been born" it's just saying, "hey, whatever holidays you celebrate have a great one." is that so fucking bad? does it really inconvenience you that much to be respectful to people of all faiths? apparently so.

some people weren't raised with christmas as a "religious" holiday (me) and some celebrate it with family and friends even though they aren't christian (i'm thinking of families here where husband/wife is christian and other spouse isn't). so what do you want all of us to do, not come? christmas can be about more than one thing- it can celebrate the birth of jesus AND celebrate togetherness, family, sharing, and giving. AT THE SAME TIME. because for a lot of people christmas just means giving to others, donating to the charities you can, and being grateful for your family. those sound like pretty christian attitudes to me. i'm sorry, jesus must hate being giving and thankful because he's a selfish bastard who only wants you to celebrate HIS birthday with people who think about HIM.

i'm just the kind of girl that likes to think that hypothetical jesus was a kind person, and that he would approve of any kind of 'christmas' holiday that embodies good spirits and giving. and hanukkah. and atheists. because he was an accepting kind of guy. and it seems backwards to throw a big fit about "christ back in christmas" when all jesus wanted was people to accept and respect each other. i may share a very different outlook on this subject than those around me, but i respect their personal beliefs. and i expect others to do the same, not proselytize their ideas around to the media (cough cough... fox news). that respect is alot harder to hold onto when their opinions are all up in your face.

i guess the argument that some would make is that christmas has been bastardized into a totally commercial holiday and GIVING is not as important as it should be. and that's probably true. there are plenty of assholes out there who celebrate christmas with the wrong intentions. sorry, too bad. what do you want to do about it? bitch? seems like you should probably just spread your damned christmas cheer with a positive giving attitude instead. teach by example, said jesus.

ok, i do feel a little better.


King of New York Hacks

nice venting...Merry Chr--Happy Holidays. ;-0

Backwards Amber

I mother fuckin' love you!

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