time marches on

December 11, 2008

jon finally put up our christmas lights last night, which sounds complicated but since we bought the net kind and just threw them over the porch railings, it was not so complicated. it would have been less annoying if the first set he tried didn't have half broken lights. but, the dining room is wallpapered and painted, the bathroom is tiled, grouted, and sealed, and the christmas crap is all around. yes, we're finally having a housewarming party on saturday.

the best thing about it is that all kinds of little projects i've been putting off suddenly must be completed now. also..... i still haven't done most of them and saturday is creeping closer. we've draino-ed the sinks, put a space heater in the bathroom, raked all the leaves, and tried to find all those loose items a home somewhere from the move. still have to: assemble my green ikea storage boxes, move the dog crates (which right now are just flopped all over the living room taking up all the standing/moving space), hide all the laundry we haven't washed, try to scoop up the truckload of poop that my dogs create from the yard, buy beer, annnnnd make food.

i'm not a good party hostess because it stresses me out- i can remember one painful holiday party we had where i baked all day and then about 10 people came over and sat in my living room in silence. i'm fairly certain i fell asleep. so all week i've been insisting that we not refer to it as a party to keep me from freaking out about people coming/not coming. it goes like this,

him: oh, lets get/make/have/do (this or that) for the party!
me: ....
him: i mean, we're having some people over casually to see our new house.
me: ...that's what i thought.

we've had fun parties besides the night-of-all-boring-horrors, i don't know what my problem is. i just stress out about nothing all the time. to make it even more fun my parents are coming over during the day saturday to "see our christmas decorations." which are really not that exciting, i promise you.

and on that note, i will now go eat more cereal and postpone the hands of time by pretending they don't exist.
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