Tragedy, foiled

December 24, 2008

The good news is, so far we've had a lot of fun. Especially a lot of laughing about unicorns which I will elaborate on later. The bad news is that the first night here (at jon's parents) we almost lost bang.

It was -21 degrees when we got here but we sent bang out to pee anyway because of the long car trip, and I kept telling jon, "let her in! Did you let her in yet?! Let her in!" and I assumed he would and I went upstairs to put our crap away and he STILL hadn't let her in. Next thing I know everyone is yelling for me because jon is outside in the fenced-in yard and he can't find her. After busting out the flashlights in the freezing cold turns out she fell in the basement window well and couldn't get out!

Lesson learned, our new dog is a stupid dog.



Poor Bang! I'm glad that you're stupid dog is okay!! PS Derek and I were watching 'National Tresure 2' yesterday and they said Bangers and Mash in it...I thought of your stupid dog :)

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