dream of the day

January 7, 2009

last night i dreamed that i was walking along 3rd street downtown near the crappy bengals stadium and a car pulled up next to me and my faceless friend and asked if we wanted their extra tickets to the reds game. suddenly we were surrounded by crowds of people all going to great american ballpark, and of course we were like, "sure!" and the lady and her family said, "ok, just go inside and meet us at concourse Heidleberg." and then they drove off.

so, obviously we needed to get to the ballpark immediately, and what's the fastest way to do that? get in a stranger's car and hitch a ride with them into the parking garage on the east side. and of course, because it's dreamtown, the old guy and his wife in the car are totally cool with that. as we're speeding along the narrow roads to get to the parking garage an old cadillac to the right of us tries to merge over, but old driving guy won't let him, and the cadillac drives off the road into the sidewalk/grass and then falls into an endless ravine next to an office building.

finally we get to the garage, go in the stadium, but all of a sudden i can't remember the name of the place we are supposed to meet the lady. so i wonder around and end up at the customer help center, which is a huge semi-circular wooden desk manned by older ladies giving out directions. they show me all of the names of all of the areas but none of them look familiar. behind the desk is a giant lime green circular room where a lounge singer is about to sing.

then the lady helping me is debbi, the receptionist from work and we're with jodi, another girl from work. we go into a room behind the desk to try to figure stuff out. the room is old and dark and filled with carved german wood furniture and antiques. debbi starts freaking out because she says she sees a ghost. i turn around and an old photograph of a dude is now a ghost. but he's sort of hot, so i'm not scared. would you be scared if the ghost was hot? apparently not.

i don't remember what happened between there and the next part, but then i was part of some 1970's cult and we were looking for a new headquarters that had to be suitably full of old creepy german wood furniture. we broke into the back of this old church and it was perfect for our creepy meetings, but turns out the building wasn't abandoned so we had to run, run away! down the spiral staircase, and then i woke up.
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