an open letter to 2008 & 2009

January 2, 2009

dear 2008,

it's probably pretty embarrassing for you that i always call you by the wrong name, 2007... i mean, 2008. well now you don't have to worry about that anymore because you're like, so over.

you were a pretty good year overall, eventful but not exciting. we looked for a house together, you and i (and 2007, maybe that's why i get you confused?) but you were the lucky year we actually found one. good thing too because i'm fairly certain i developed PTSD from living in a veritable war-zone for two years.

some times were bleak and desolate and others were just fine. friends changed, moved, and disappeared. nico had a gigantic tumor successfully removed in a risky surgery, señor obama ruled my life with all his news stories, i watched tombstone for the first time, the media gloomed us out more than it has in a few years with all this recession business, we moved to our new old house, bang joined us, i finally beat GTA IV, and dark knight kicked ass.

you were ok. we were employed, sheltered, happy, and boozing. RIP,


hello 2009!

thanks for coming, i hope you enjoy your stay here with us for the next 350 and some odd days before 2010 leaps in and kills a bitch. if our time together this year goes as fast as last year we'll barely get to know each other. as i get older each year i hardly have time to give you the time of day, let alone remember to write you down on my checks. however this year you mean i turn 25, and i'm strangely excited about it. as the youngest person at my company i feel like you will make me seem older and more serious to everyone here at work. yeah i'm not 10 years old, i swear!

i have a sneaking suspicion (cough, cough....) that you're going to be fairly eventful for us this year. please be kind.

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