Raymi the Minx

January 13, 2009

if you bothered to vote (below) in the weblog awards, you may have noticed that raymi the minx is beating the dooce for best diarist. i was curious, who is this person and how are they trouncing our beloved dooce? my first reaction of course was that dooce isn't advertising the awards at all so OF COURSE she's not winning, and then i went over to check out the minx.

first impressions? damn, that girl's got sass. normally i would consider this the best thing possible, but something about her sass just seemed... pretentious? i don't know, she seems to think a lot of herself. maybe she IS that awesome. she's awfully cute. the second thing i noticed is that the first post i read was all about beating dooce in the weblogs awards and how she deserves it so much more because she posts every day and not like, two times a week. and, i'll have to give it to her she might have a point there. and then she went on and on about how mush longer she's been blogging than dooce and how boring dooce's subject matter is. then i remembered why people my own age are SO ANNOYING.

if hilarious dooce is really that boring, then what am i? snoozefest 2000. suck it!

she's cute too, bitch!

**disclaimer:  i wrote this before i knew anything about blogging etiquette.  i am very aware that this is uncool and i've mended my gossipy ways. but i'm not going to delete it just to keep it real around here**


wrestling kitties

I went to the raymi blog and it seems like nothing more then the girl taking pictures of herself. OR someone taking pictures of HER while she takes pictures of other things. I didn't even care to read it. Even though I don't have a kid, Dooce's blog is WAY cool. She is smart and witty and I find it interesting. Boo this other girl


um, thanks i think?

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