and i got mud on my shoes

February 9, 2009

so jon and i are now obsessed with watching deadwood- an awesome show from HBO about an old-west gold mining camp complete with hookers, shoot-outs, whiskey=water, etc. we don't have HBO though so we have just been renting them on DVD (i have to do the same thing with big love, boo).

as some of you may be aware until last year i had never seen a single western. ever. it was crazy. all last year all we did was watch badass western after badass western, and now i could watch unforgiven, the magnificent seven, and tombstone (the greatest western of all time) on a constant loop every day. that old-timey shit is awesome. how did i go so long without them?

so deadwood fits in perfectly with my new interests- AND... they call everybody a cocksucker about every five seconds and fuck is an adjective/verb/noun. (my favorite example of this is that while counting to lift a dead body out of the street someone said "one, two, fuckin' three" because apparently in old-timey-ville, everyone was made of sailors) it's freakin hilarious. also being that it's a mining camp laws and justice are pretty rudimentary and it's really satisfying to see some complete jerk get the crap beat out of him in the street.

and, i hate E.B. the hotel owner. HATE HATE HATE HATE him. HATE HIM. and now i keep dreaming that we live in the old west. last night i dreamed that we lived in deadwood but nothing horrible happened so we were just like, "oh you crazy old-westerners and your kooky hijinx, let's go to the olde towne store."
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