because dogs are like that

February 4, 2009

last night when i got home (TWO HOURS late, thanks crazy snow storm) the dogs were freaking out as usual. apparently before i get there they play with each other but by the time i show up nico is back to totally hating her guts. skip to ten minutes later in the kitchen-

bang runs up and is trying to lick nico's chin, which he hates, so he growls and tries to get her to go away. she doesn't listen because she the stupidest dog ever. ever. so he bites her. totally within his bounds to do so- SHE IS SO ANNOYING. he did a good job and didn't go for the face-parts. jon starts looking bang over to make sure she's aok (which she was) and i'm petting nico for not eating her face off.

"ummmmm... what's that??" and jon looks over, and bang got so scared... that she pooped a tiny poop on the floor. he literally scared the poop out of her. awesome. her butt end had a sink bath and then all was well, except ten minutes later when she tried to lick his chin again. because learning is just not her thing.

then this morning i had to chase nico around the yard in the snow with a broom because a stray cat keeps coming in our yard a pooping, and nico for some reason thinks those are tasty crackers left by the easter bunny.

ugh.... dogs.
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