because today was the best day

February 23, 2009

hello baby, there you are!

we got to have an early sonogram today as part of our ultrascreen test, and it was super awesome. the ultrascreen measures the distance between the back of the neck and the skull and is an early indicator of downs/trisomy 18 & 13. we really only did it because..... ULTRASOUND! otherwise we wouldn't have had one until 20 weeks. it was super cool. all the scary parts of the first trimester didn't matter anymore, because dude, that thing is moving!

turns out our baby is a total jerk that won't cooperate at all. first, it was hiding. then when the lady started to measure it, BAM, teh going crazy. it literally flipped upside down on its head and bounced up and down. and up and down. and then they told us that my uterus is at some crazy low angle, which also explains my super back pain.

ok- this one is hard to see: in the lower middle there is a circle blobo with two eye spots. and then above it is the body with the arms and legs crossed over it like a little straight jacket. that is our baby, dancing on its head straight up and down. take that ultrasound technician! luckily the ladies seemed to think it was funny that our baby kept trying to escape while they were measuring it.

in conclusion: super awesome. this has definitely been the best day so far. it has been pretty surreal since i haven't gotten very sick or had many symptoms, etc. and it's amazing to me to see real proof that our parasite is in there growing away. and being a jerk. the technician said in the first picture that it is sticking out its tongue but i don't know how she could possibly see that. sounds cool though.


wrestling kitties

How exciting!!!!

That is SO funny that your baby was just going all crazy....maybe s/he doesn't like its picture taken!

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