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February 4, 2009

last night i dreamed that bears were taking over the world.

jon, nico, and i were out in my parents back yard that looks over the woods and jon says, "hey look! a really big bear!" so we watch the bear in the woods from afar. but then nico starts barking and the bear (brown, not black. always fight a black bear) comes running towards us. i run up onto the deck and jon runs behind me but nico doesn't run so jon stays to help him, and then nico fights the bear in the snow all badass, but we all get into the house safely and nico isn't hurt because of his magic fur.

so then we figure we should warn other people about the crazy bears, so we go to the front door and there are people out there that don't know about the bears so i'm whispering across the yard to them but the bears have super hearing and hear me and then they try and break into the house. we get the front door locked but now they are tearing down the house from the outside so we have to run and get in the car which is parked in the cul-de-sac. i run to the car with jon and nico fights another bear and we all drive back to the city and when we get to over-the-rhine we drive to the big parking garage by the art academy and everyone is hiding there from the bear invasion and they let us in and they shoot all the bears chasing us because it's a crazy bear apocolypse all doomsday style. then we go up on the roof and you can see all across the city all the other people hiding on their roofs from the bears. because apparently super-smart bears with super-hearing can't find you if you're on top of a building.

and then i woke up.


wrestling kitties

HAHA! Seems like it could happen. Those bears are tricky creatures!

(I love dreams like this! I have very vivid dreams also, it is like a movie almost every night)

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