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February 13, 2009

earlier this week i dreamed the most awesomely awesome dream.

i was at a museum at some kind of fancy black-tie art auction with my parents and their running group friends. and something went awry, there was a theft or something and we were somehow implicated but we didn't do it. so, we had to get away in a hurry. what did we do? get in the bubble car of course! bubble car consists of a cardboard box with wheels tied to some giant yellow helium balloons. somehow, the balloons make the car lighter and make it travel at super speed. so we zip off in the bubble car but somehow i fall out an i am hanging on to the ropes to the balloons way up high, and by pulling on the ropes i can make control the bubble car's speed. we are zipping down country roads and then my dad turns into chevy chase, we careen off the road into a field and yackety-sax starts playing and we crash into a tree.

when i woke up, and i turned and looked at jon and said.... "...bubble car." and he just stared at me. and then i started singing the yackety-sax song. the end. attached- illustration of my bubble car.

how's that for a quality illustration?


wrestling kitties

HAHA! That is Awesome! When I think fast getaway, I think bubble car! :) The picture is great!

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