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February 16, 2009

we're having a baby. and nothing could be more important than introducing that baby to the internets as early as possible, right internet? i am 12 weeks along this week, the last week before my second trimester begins (depending on who you listen to). the baby is as big as a lemon this week, and has all its organs and is dancing around and growing bones. weird.

last week we had another doctor visit and we got to hear the heartbeat, which was totally awesome. jon thinks it sounds like "wockawockawockawockawockawocka" so i think we should name it Fozzy Bear. i tried to sell him on caling it Luke so he could run around yelling "LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER" when it's being bad, but i don't think he thought that was very funny. amazingly (or at least it amazes me) i haven't gained any weight at all but i still can no longer wear my jeans buttoned without excruciating pain. enter, the bella band, the greatest thing ever made besides cake, video games, tv, and domesticated dogs.

because i am crazy, we are already painting the baby room and have bought all kinds of crap to put in it like a giant orange ampersand. yes, a giant orange ampersand. i'm a designer, what else do you want me to say about that? letters are pretty. also probably on the crazy side, i already bought a breast pump on craigslist for a kickin good deal and it's barely used at all.

to make things even more complicated, jon's sister and her husband are also having a baby. with the exact same due date as ours. which is August 31stish fyi. and we found out on the same day. it has been fun and great to have someone to talk to about it all even though our symptoms have been pretty opposite of each other besides our intense need to eat lots of double cheeseburgers (example, she throws up all the time while i feel great but have random crippling back pain).

*note, this is not a picture of our actual baby. our doctor's office only does one ultrasound and it isn't until 20 weeks or so. but who knows, maybe it looks like that. or maybe it has ten arms. i'm just saying...


wrestling kitties

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting!!

That is crazy that your sister-in-law is due the same time. Fun

(And yes, it is never too early to get your child introduced to the world of blogging.)

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