no unsupervised visits

February 17, 2009

it's official. after last night i am no longer allowed to walk alone in the grocery store. and i don't just mean go there alone, i mean walk off by myself with jon only feet/isles away.

last night we cruised over to the grocery store after work which i had been meaning to do on sunday but was too exhausted to do after painting the baby room. i wrote a list, in advance, of all the things we needed. things like: milk, english muffins, V8 juices, yogurt, and those fancy snacks. yes that was an item on my list, Those Fancy Snacks. luckily, jon figured out that it actually meant annie's organic cheese bunnies.

at one point jon went over to get some fancy cheese for some horrible soup he is intent on making (not because he is a bad cook, i just really hate soup right now) and left me to walk over and get some english muffins. when i walked back to the cart i was carrying: english muffins, a box of zebra cakes, an entire cherry crumble pie, a tiny cherry pie, and a cheese strudel twisted danish. he convinced me to leave some of them behind. then i bought ice cream.
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