the waiting, bowling, and typing.

February 13, 2009

if you're wondering why i haven't been posting as much, just wait till monday! plus, work has been crazy. we are always swamped with work, but lately it's like we just can't catch up and all my doing-nothing-on-the-internet time is taken up by really actually working hard. sorry about that whole doing my job thing. but i like it here and i'm lucky to have one as it is in the housing industry so i feel slightly indebted to them to do things well/fast right now.

we went bowling last night, which is one of those things where someone says "bowling!" and i'm all "ewww, bowling, no way!" and then when i get there it is actually really really fun. of course it did help that we split into two groups and our team made it our goal to lap the other team by one whole game. we've invented speed bowling. it involves a lot of running up before it's your turn and hurling the ball as fast as you can down the lane, to the point of throwing it before the clearing bar even goes up. and you know that whole bowling etiquette of waiting for the person next to you to go because they walked up first? screw that! i think we actually scared guys next to us. it was totally hilarious, i haven't laughed that hard in a long time. it was a nice way to celebrate my friend ruth's birthday and suzie's roommate is really nice.

i read a comment on someone's blog the other day that they hate it when people space twice after a period. and everyone was like YEAH, ME TOO. dude. really? i can't help it, i was taught that obsessively in school and marked off if we didn't. is that not a rule anymore?


wrestling kitties

I ALWAYS space twice after a period. SO! Well unless I am in a huge hurry leaving comments on the blogs, but when I write anything it is 2 spaces. Also, I LOVE bowling...makes for such a fun night

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