why is it only the boys?

February 26, 2009

something i've repeatedly come across in reading pregnancy articles and talking to other women is the idea that fathers bond at birth while women bond with the baby during pregnancy. and that makes logical sense to me. but if i hear one more person tell me, "oh well, your husband probably won't like the baby at first but by the time it learns to talk, then he'll like it."

first of all, i think this is pretty demeaning to men in general. well they're men right, they can't possibly have regular emotions. on another level i don't see why it is only men that get off the hook here. the truth is i am excited to have a kid, not a screaming crying infant. i'm just not a stare-into-baby-face cry-over-baby-clothes kind of girl. and i'm not going to be unless i get a lobotomy.

this article i read today over at babble says that guess what baby worshipers... i'm not alone. some women don't magically just love their screaming wiggling baby. it takes time, and work.

i'm far less worried about jon liking our baby than i am about me liking our baby. because he isn't a caveman. and because infants are really not that exciting until they start learning stuff. the idea that he can't become attached to the small thing that we have produced just because he is a man is flat out stupid; and the idea that just because i am a woman i'm going to burst into tears and songs of love is just not realistic. not that i'm not going to be thrilled, and happy, and devoted, but i'm not going to turn into a whole other person. yeah, our baby will be awesome. the end.

i'm sorry your husband didn't like your kid until it was a toddler. what do you want me to do, throw you a pity party? and i'm glad you love cutesy sweetsie babies with their precious outfits and jammies and whatnot, but i like things that can talk. and yes, i'm sure that this is a very special amazing time in our lives, etc etc etc. it would be extra special if you would shut up.

come on. lay off the weird talk, people. you're talking to someone who's favorite word is cocksucker. i'm a realist and a cynic. i'm excited, what else do you want from me?
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