yeah, it sorta is like that

February 18, 2009

yesterday while reading some probably useless pregnancy article online i stumbled across this commentary from some actually insightful reader:

"The weird thing about being pregnant is that during the time that you feel the worst, no one knows or cares. And then when you are feeling better but are gigantic everyone has all kinds of sympathy to offer and asks you how you're feeling."

before i was pregnant i never realized how much of pregnancy takes place before you look "pregnant" or let anyone know. i was a big fan of the wait-till-12-weeks to tell anyone policy in the beginning mostly because i am insanely private. in fact i still haven't told a lot of people. apparently it makes me hyperventilate so i'm avoiding it. when you're experiencing it though it is really strange how you look completely normal but feel like you are out of your mind. i imagine when people see me they think things like this:

· oh, hey! why is that crazy woman puking out the side of her car on the highway?
· i wonder why that woman is crying in the food court?
· why is that woman in target biting that pretzel and glaring at me?
· i wonder why that girl is walking her slow ass on the treadmill while the rest of us are running like horrible speedy gazelles?
· why is that woman screaming with her eyes closed because a soup commercial is on the tv?
· seriously lady, you really need to sit down in IKEA and rest, AGAIN? come on!

at that point there is really no outward excuse for the complete crazy that is trimester 1. and that's why it's weird.
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