March 17, 2009

i had to go pick up dog food the other night because nico has been eating bang's puppy food for a few days now and it was about time i actually went to the store. i love the pet supplies plus store we go to because they have all the super premium dog foods that other places just don't carry. really the only down side of going there is that the "staff" (if you can call them that) consists of 16 year old high schoolers. and i give them props for actually having a job, you go kids! don't be lazy! but the store's policy is supposed to be that they help you carry all this dog food around.

well this has never happened since the beginning. in fact i always took a certain amount of pleasure in stomping to the very back shelf of the store, picking up our 40 lb bag (or 2 bags, recently) of dog food and carrying them up to the checkout myself. no, i don't need help carrying this to my car 5 feet out the door considering i already carried it 50 feet to the register. but thanks, really.

but now i'm not supposed to carry heavy things and i've been experiencing some pretty horrendous back pain. so when i went in to get the dog food i had a dilemma- do i make them go carry it, and how? i don't look pregnant so it's not a very useful excuse at this point. jon says yes, just stand at the counter and make them go fetch all the things i need. but this time, i just went and carried it myself. it's just too awkward. maybe next time. now i'm going to go eat my third nutri grain bar in a row because i am all woozy and have the shakes for some reason and i might pass out. ta!



you shouldn't carry heavy crap!...you dork-face!! Use your "pass" even if you're not rockin' the magic belly yet ;)

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