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March 10, 2009

last night i dreamed that we had just moved into our house so we were having a party. somehow this party involved my friends shooting water balloons into our neighbor's windows from the roof. it was a good time because apparently if you shoot balloons into people's open windows they aren't mad, they think it's nice. it turns out that dooce* lives next door, inside chris's house. so after my friends shoot giant green water balloons into the dooce family home we all share a laugh and they come over to hang out. which really meant come over and watch bang run into stuff. that part of the dream could totally be real life. i mean, she runs into stuff all the time and it is totally hilarious. apparently this was so funny to the preggo-dooce that we were invited over later to be friends.

so jon and i went over to the dooce household, which was the top floor of chris's house. and it was all like a labyrinth of interconnecting rooms, and their living room was tiki-luau-bamboo themed. and dooce told me she didn't like it. and she was concerned that leta was at a friend's house and it was after 9pm. but not concerned enough to do anything. then her husband showed us leta's room, where the floor was covered with rens, and he said that sometimes in the morning the rens all pile together and it looks like a monster and he would show us. so we went back to their other living room (this one themed like a 70's record lounge) and then he took us around through a secret door that also goes to leta's room, and then the rens looked like a lumpy rens monster. and we were friends, but it was that awkward kind of friends where you like each other but you don' know each other very well yet, and we sat around and drank gin and tonics and watched tv in the low-couched 70's living room.

and our houses were on a hill, and it was a tall hill, and there was a taxi cab, but i can't remember...

*i am going to continue to refer to her as dooce, because i think it is creepy when people call other people they don't really know on the internet by first name. it makes it sound all stalker-ish. i already had a dream about them, let's make this as un-creepy as possible here, ok?



This one covers themed rooms AND other bloggers too. Wow. Good to know I'm not alone, ha!)

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