fozzy wocka baby update

March 30, 2009

so, how's the baby?

how should i know, can i see in there?? no. but as far as i know things are aok. at my doctor's appointment last week its heartbeat was rockin along while she prescribed me more antibiotics for the BV (which if you don't know what it is and you aren't a lady, i'm warning you, you probably don't want to know, ew).

this is week 18, four and a half months. 154 days to go or something. the internet says its as big as a bell pepper or a baked potato, which i bought at the grocery last night. this week it can officially hear stuff from the outside. and next week we (hopefully, cross your fingers that he/she cooperates better than it did at the ultrascreen) get to find out the sex!! wheee! and if it has a sex then it can have a name which i am definitely looking forward to.

and ps, i am totally against telling anyone what names we are thinking of because A.) I don't care what you think B.) I don't want to hear your opinion C.) If you tell me all about how you don't like it or suggest other names, it will only make me mad because we've already decided. for more on this controversy, read here.

it doesn't feel like my belly is any bigger, but jon has convinced me that it grows in spurts or something. in the next two weeks it is supposed to be super-growing time so we'll see. i think i have felt it move most every day since the one time of ultimate moving, but it hasn't really been like that again. it's all, poke, poke, bump, not KICK KICK PUNCH. lame, baby. lame. other than that things are uneventful. i feel fine, sometimes my back hurts if i have too much activity in one day. i had planned to keep exercising all the way through with walking and whatnot but the back pain has limited me more than i had planned. and sometimes, like last night, i have trouble sleeping and dream really weird dreams about this guy (yes, Tag from friends) being my cousin and taking me on a motorcycle ride through the country to drop off an envelope at the hospital.


Ky (Two Pretzels)

Can't wait to hear the gender! :)

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