i've found the lord, and lo, but he is good.

March 13, 2009

jon and i stayed up late (well, later than i have been staying up which is really pretty lame) to catch the jon stewart vs. jim cramer interview on the daily show last night. if you weren't aware jim cramer, who hosts a show on cnbc called mad money, was invited on to the daily show and skeezed out at the last minute. jon stewart then ranted and raved about cnbc and cramer on the daily show all week and it started some kind of crazy media hype feud, a la mccain standing up letterman. now seriously, jon stewart is a comedian. on the comedy network. do you really need to get all up in arms if he makes fun of you? no. chill out guy.

as a pinnacle to this stupid feud cramer went on the show last night and jon stewart spent his entire show on the interview, trouncing cramer for being an unethical ass. and cramer, for his part, rolled over like a complete bitch and took it. all these finance gurus are coming out and saying, "dude, this financial crisis is years in the making and we so should have seen we were fucked a long time ago." meanwhile cramer, on his show, is condoning shady trading practices and saying, "WHOA OMG how did this crazy mess happen?! it's a perfect storm of finance not at all caused by our unethical practices that we condone on our show! ZOMG" that's pretty much the crux of jon stewart's argument; cramer and cnbc reported unethical crap when they should have seen this coming and taken steps to help people instead of... not.

let me just say that jon stewart is god. my god- The God. he is self-aware that he is just a guy on a comedy show, but he's just so fucking well informed and well spoken. he's insanely, insanely smart. and while a lot of tv personalities have a written script, what has always impressed me most about jon stewart is his ability to have a real, unscripted, intelligent political discussion. no one wrote this stuff for him, that is just him talking. plus, he's dreamy and stuff. (including this dream i had that he was in)

here's the interview, if you care. and below that is my favorite jon stewart moment ever, when he went on crossfire and totally tore them up.

don't fuck with god, ok? he will strike you down.

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