a little testy.

March 11, 2009

over the weekend we stopped by ikea to pick up some frames for these prints (here and here) that we got for the baby's room. now i love going to ikea, but the people there really get on my nerves. ohio people just can't handle all that swedish craftiness- somehow it brings out all their greatest redneck qualities. like when we went into one of the long narrow display kitchens to check out the dishwasher and this huge annoying woman comes in there also and just stands, staring, at the sink. and i'm like, standing and maneuvering towards the only exit but it's totally blocked. come on lady, take the hint, i'm waiting and waiting here for you to let me out. i'm pretty sure i ended up just running into her until she moved. and that's what our ikea is like. a few savvy designery people buying loads of stuff and hundreds of yokels wandering around saying, "dayum ma, look a what them fancy foreigners make! whatchu think that's fur? crazy. i aint buyin none that." (shuffle, shuffle, shuffle)

so while ikea is a design haven, by the time this pregnant lady made it to the checkout line i was through. through. we only had like 3 things so we hopped into the self checkout line. and of course we picked the slowest side because that's how the world works. when we got up to the machine this annoying old ikea lady walks over and is all, "I can help you over here!!" and then proceeds to pick up the self-checkout scanner and try to scan all our items which jon is juggling in his arms. i couldn't handle it. it was the final straw. i'm pretty sure i actually said, out loud, "it's self checkout for a reason. get away." and then the freaky lady stepped back and watched me get in my purse, find my credit card, scan the card, and sign. i'm assuming she was going to "help" me if i ran into problems with using my own credit card. jon thinks maybe i overreacted a little bit. NO JON. NO I DID NOT.
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