miss pudge

March 2, 2009

this last weekend sucked. hard.

moving on, i'm at the really weird point now where some days i look maaaaaybe pregnant and other days i look mostly normal. not quite showing, not fitting into my pants anymore. thursday and friday last week i looked like a cute little pregnant balloon but since then things seem to have gone back to normal. you'd think that a huge plate of delicious biscuits and gravy would pop things out but apparently not. i'm definitely most looking forward to the showing part.

the only particularly interesting development over the weekend was on saturday in the shower. when i looked down... my stomach was clearly jutting out more to the left than the right. come on little guy, stay in the middle! it's freaky looking when you jam all over to one side. i swear it wasn't just my imagination either.

oh yeah, and i almost died. we were putting up these IKEA lamps in the baby room (which look awesome) and when i went to put in the lightbulbs they were the wrong size. we bought them at IKEA where they were displayed directly next to the lamps in a huge display of BUY THESE LAMPS. well it exploded, because thanks IKEA, but those aren't the right ones. we're probably lucky i didn't get electrocuted because then we would have had to go to the hospital. but here i am, live and well with only a weird burn on my index finger.

is the winter ever going to end?? ever? 15° this morning? is that necessary? i might start boycotting going out of the house at all if this doesn't end soon. plus i bought flip flops online this morning and they will arrive in 5-7 days. i will be wearing them in 5-7 days. so hurry up warmerish weather. or else.
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