they're here!!!!

March 6, 2009

my flip flops have arrived!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! they are a replacement for a pair i bought when we went to alaska and then i was so sad to finally have to throw away last year. and when i took them out of the package, they are exactly the same as my old ones. YESSSS! ... can you feel my joy through the screen? i hope so.

and you can bet 100% that i'm wearing them right now. busting out the flip flops in the spring is a big event for me because while i love wearing high heels, wearing shoes is not really my thing. and wearing socks? forget about it. other than at the gym i can probably count the number of times a year i wear socks on one hand. i don't like to have hot, trapped feet. i've been known to wear flip flops out into the snow before (though after i got uggs, which don't require socks, i actually wear those in the winter instead.)

here's to you friday nice weather flip flop time.



I will wear flip flops til it snows then on to uggs. I don't own socks.

wrestling kitties

Fun! Congrats :)


I love those white sandals on the far left. Darling!

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