unexplained disappearance

March 24, 2009

you may have wondered where the hell i went for 5 days. or, not. but either way here i am back again. jon and i took some days off work and went to pittsburgh to visit his sister and her hubs and their dogs for a mini vacation post-birthday. oh yeah, and it was my birthday back there last wednesday. that too.

pittsburgh was fun though i don't know why the cold weather police had to come and rain on my vacation parade the entire time. our dogs were assholes, as usual. bang apparently has some kind of cold/cough/disease because she started sneeze and coughing and choking (i was typing really fast there and typed, cocking... heh) and a lot of yellow snot now flies out of her face every few minutes. it's charming. and nico insisted on either A.) crying all night long OR B.) sleeping in bed with us. both options = very little sleep for me. ugh, i could have punched him right in his dog mouth, but i didn't. so we ate foods, and hung out prego-meets-prego, and jon and dan put up baseboards in their house, and we generally just relaxed.

birthday was pretty uneventful. jon and i had a mediterranean fiesta. we got 20 billion kinds of lebanese foods and then ate them and watched horrible movies and ghost hunters and ate cake. that is all. also, my driver's licence expired and i showed up at the wrong ohio bmv branch 5 minutes after the right one closed. so now i can't legally drive. and i'm 25.

oh! exciting. i did feel the baby move. at target. and not just move he/she was practicing karate in there and going to town like crazy for like 10 minutes. hearing people describe it as "popcorn" or "butterflies" or whatever other gay metaphor they use is not accurate at all. you know what feeling your baby move inside you feels like? a crazy alien moving inside you. imagine that. and since then? nothing. zip. our baby is a jerk and is torturing me for fun. i asked jon what if those had been its final throws of death and that's why it never moves again- which he did not find funny at all. i don't think i was trying to be funny, i was channeling prego-crazy. i have a lot of anxiety.

annnndd..... what else? here i am back at the office. didn't you miss me?? everyone around here could tell i was back from vacation when the receptionist paged someone and i accidentally yelled out, "WHO THE FUCK IS REBECCA BROWN?" whoops.
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