ambition is the heart of evil

April 23, 2009

there are certain things i probably expected to do while pregnant. fancy up nursery room? sure. garden? sure. paint? sure. that's why i have my own respirator. demolish and rebuild our entire kitchen? holy shit. yes it's a fact. we're remodeling the kitchen. and not like, some ambiguous time in the future... in the next 4 weeks (or rather, weekends).

we took advantage of the new homebuyer tax credit and knew we desperately needed to put the money into our pretty crappy kitchen. we knew what we wanted and picked everything out. it was a nebulous thing. yeah that's what we want. we'll get around to that one of these days. but then it turns out that ikea is having a entire kitchen sale and if you buy your kitchen before may 3rd you get 20% off. and 20% off an entire kitchen is A LOT OF MONEY. so last weekend we bought an entire kitchen. and pretty much got our corian countertops for free, yeah sale discount! everything should be delivered some time early next week, depending on how soon they ship our fancy-town cabinets from the far far away warehouse (they are the kind they don't keep in stock). plus we will be installing a new oven, smooth-top range, and dishwasher. goodbye gigantic horrible white ceramic farm sink, hello shiny stainless pretty sink.

so now the intimidating part. we are taking down a wall in the kitchen to make this happen. we need to strip the room, tear down the wall, and rip out the horrible vinyl floor (it's white. we have two dogs. need i say more?). then we need to re-floor the floor with... ? hopefully this weekend's flooring hunt will find something to solve that. technically there are hardwoods under there but it's not my personal cup of tea- even though that would probably be better for resale value. we'll see what they look like when we rip up what's there now. problem: the wall we are tearing down surrounds stairs down into the basement. conveniently we have two staircases that go down to the basement so we're just going to floor over the hole. but matching the floor covering over hole to the existing hardwoods is probably impossible for a do-it-yourselfer, unless we sand and stain the entire floor. BUT... that area is also directly underneath where the new cabinets will go. so it might not matter at all. you see how this is getting complicated?

we also have to tear out the ceiling which is made of some weird white sound panels and then based on how the beams above look decide if we should just leave it open. i'm totally down with leaving it open to the above old-as-hell floor beams but if it looks ugly rustic instead of cool rustic we'll have to drywall the ceiling. and we may have to move the water line, but only by less than a foot. and add one for the dishwasher. and we have to install all the cabinets before the corian company will come and measure for the countertops to be made and installed. did i mention i'm almost 6 months pregnant? this is starting to look a little daunting. i have no fear of doing this kind of thing ourselves, but doing it pregnant is a whole other situation. then again, doing it 8-9 months pregnant or with a tiny baby would be even worse. so, here we go.
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