because i said so

April 1, 2009

over at apartment therapy they are once again discussing the shoes-in-the-house vs. shoes-off-at-the-door debate. what is it about apartment therapy that makes people want to fight about this so bad? this is the second or third really long ranting debate i've read about it. the big issue seems to be not with personal preferences, but with whether or not you force your visitors to comply.

at our house it is a debate. well, not so much a debate as an issue. i hate wearing shoes all the time. if i ever have the options to not wear shoes, i'll take it. and this includes at home. hot, sweaty feet? no thanks.

jon on the other hand feels the need to wear his shoes all the time. his disgusting, outdoor, shoes. he knows how i feel about it so i try not to bring it up unless i'm making fun of how disgusting it is that he tracks outside dirt inside with his feet. maybe i would be less creeped out by it if he didn't wear them most of the evening and then take them off in front of the couch later so after a few days there is a pile of several pairs of his shoes accumulating under the coffee table for me to trip over.

however considering that we have two dogs with eight dirt-tracking feet total- it's probably silly that i complain about it at all. and no, i would never require guests to take off their shoes at the door. not because i don't care just because i don't want to be the annoying person that stands at the door when people come over saying "take off your shoes!" over and over. who really wants to be that person?

i just heard from my sister-in-law this morning that their baby (due the same date as ours) is a boy!!! congratulations to them! i don't know if they are telling the whole world yet but i think i can safely congratulate them to people who don't know them, and (thank god) none of their other siblings read my blog at this time, so no worries there. let's make it 2 for 2 next week!
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