dear friends,

April 8, 2009

my updates this week may be brief, we are very busy here at the office and since we all desperately don't want to get laid off, it's time to work hard.

i had a dream last night that all french people wore white and black striped shirts. i asked one of the french people (who i all knew were french you know, because of their shirts) why, and he said, "because in france, these shirts are $1!" who knew? consider that mystery officially solved.

the big ultrasound is friday, so i'll hit you with a big update after that. we're excited, but also nervous that he/she won't cooperate. that seems to be it's standard MO. i've been trying to see if jon can feel it moving (the internet says maaaaybe this week) but every time i get him to come near me it stops. and it's only awake for like 15 minutes a day. it will live up to it's sassy parents i can tell already.

and speaking of sassy i spent ten minutes yelling into bang's face last night, "SASSY FACE- SASSY FAçE! SASSAFRASS! SASSYASS!" she replied by biting me and rolling around. shocking. AND- we pick up jon's bike on saturday, so i'll update you about THAT then too, with photos! the excitement never ends. just hang in there.

in conclusion: mom, i can see you checking my blog. and that's ok. but really, you don't need to check it every 5 hours. back off, it's creeping me out.
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