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April 15, 2009

last night i dreamed that pro-skateboarder rob dyrdek, jon, and i met up in a parking lot. somehow through our conversation rob asked jon if he could take me out on a date. for some reason dream-jon was totally cool with this because, "rob is non-threatening." he says. so rob decides we should go bowling. so we go to this bowling alley in the super hood but all the lanes were busy, so he suggested we go next door to the all-puma shoe store and shop for shoes. the boys geared me up in some fancy blue skate shoes that laced up halfway and then zipped up and then laced again at the top. and we looked at many a shoe. and then rob let me ride his tan-colored segway. and then jon and rob and i went bowling. and then i woke up.



We should share our dreams often. Mine involved me going to take a shower only to find that Maria Shriver totally cut in line and got in ahead of me. I'm standing there in my towel TOTALLY pissed off at her.


Ah, dreams...if we can't laugh at them, what good are they?

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