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April 27, 2009

here's the weekend kitchen overhaul update. the wall? officially gone. ceiling did not collapse, yay, thank god. after taking it apart there was no way it could have been load-bearing since it was made of various scraps of junk wood and covered over with MDF panels. our super-nice friend gideon came over and helped jon with most of the demo, which was really great since i was pretty gun-shy about tearing into the wall. they had it down and cleaned up by about 6pm. AND ikea delivered all our stuff saturday so it is just waiting patiently in the garage next to the beautiful (and cheap) slate tile we bought for the floor friday.

sunday we continued on our own. jon patched the big hole in the floor where the basement stairs used to be and put in new sub flooring on that half of the room. no more hole in the floor, which is excellent. and we opened up the stairs to the basement in the other part of the house so i could wash our clothes. we got all the old wallpaper down. and then, ohhhhh, then... the ceiling. jon tore out the ceiling. i couldn't even help with that one. he wore my respirator and super creepy black dust is now coating the world. i just sat on the other side of our (now divided) house and waited. it's officially down, though this is what our kitchen looks like this morning:

i took tons of pictures, but if i post them all it will take up the entire page. so for now, you can view them here in an album on flickr. and tonight? bagging up trash like there's no tomorrow. we're hopefully going to take tuesday and wednesday off from any kitchen work, assuming that the above pile of terrifying debris is cleaned up. and then the saga continues.


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WOW. So how is the progress going?

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