the jude: baby update

April 30, 2009

hello world. between the kitchen project from hell, my crazy raging hormones, and our broken home computer, i haven't been doing my duty to update you very well this week. so, i'll give it a go even though the office today is like a swampy, horrible, hot pit from hell.

if you can't already tell, i'm quite cranky. it's been raining . it's humid. i have no kitchen, no kitchen sink, and i have to walk around the outside of the house and up the driveway to get to the fridge. that alone had me in absolute pregnant-woman breakdown tuesday night. poor jon. i was literally inconsolable and sobbing that i couldn't walk to the fridge and use the crushed ice machine. you see we still have the kitchen curtained off until after the tile goes in this weekend to keep the dust down. and then there are the piles and piles of trash in the driveway which the city refuses to pick up. so far i am not holding up to the kitchen project as well as i had hoped. thanks jude, for making me have the crazy-freak-out hormones this week. not to mention some intense anxiety problems. jon however got in the ultimate soothing technique last night- clean the living room and then surprise me with new video games to play. and seriously, some lego batman does sound pretty relaxing right now. smooth move jon, you get big points for that.

jude is about 11 inches long and probably weighs more than a pound. the internet says that by now my belly is probably a "hand magnet" which i find gross and disturbing. also, not true. i like to think i work hard to put out a serious dont-come-near-me vibe. not only have i not been touched by anyone but jon, but i still probably don't look very pregnant to strangers. i'm finally starting to get a few mayybeeee pregnant double takes out in public. fine by me. keep away, freaks! but really, the belly is growing like mad. i'm torn most days between totally digging it, because i finally look pregnant, and feeling like a huge growing fatty. it takes some getting used to i guess. have i mentioned that it's hot as balls down here? holy god.

he is kicking around in there like crazy these days. he mostly likes to attack me when i'm either A.) really hungry or B.) just ate a lot of food. other than that he is really pretty quiet. in fact if i don't eat for a few hours he just sleeps away and i forget that he is there. jon has been able to feel him for about 2 weeks now and i think that is my favorite part so far. he says it feels sort of like a heartbeat, tiny punching, from way down in there. it makes me feel a lot less alone. because all these changes are only happening in me, and only i'm aware of them, and it's really quite lonely sometimes. even crazier, if i sit still after dinner i can see him kicking from the outside. babies man. they're like body-infesting aliens.

so that's the scoop. i keep meaning to take some new belly photos and keep forgetting. i'll probably try to slip some in this weekend when i'm taking photos of what will hopefully be our newly tiled kitchen floor. up next in kitchen world: wall evaluation and repair (there are some pretty big holes in parts) and laying the tile this weekend. then maybe priming the walls? cleaning the ceiling? picking out a new ceiling fan? drowning myself in construction debris? who knows.

oh, and this morning bang snuck upstairs and leaped into the shower with me. SURPRISE! pregogrumpers out.


Kami Lewis Levin

ohh! I totally feel your pain! We re-did our kitchen a year and a half ago. I was 8 months pregnant and taking care of my then 2 year old. It was awful, but so worth it! Hang in there!

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