really people... really?

April 17, 2009

most bloggers enjoy taking a look at their website's stats to know how much traffic you're getting and you know, because it's fun. today i want to take this time to share with you some of my top 10 search terms from the past two months. these are things that people have typed into and then somehow found my website.

the grumbles' recent top search queries:

1. grumbles&grunts (ok, good)

2. zoo fuck

3. geof manthorne girlfriend

4. potato grumbles

5. sausage grumbles

and then it gets weirder. much much weirder.

6. make your own mcflurry vid woman shits in a cup (uhhhh...?)

7. don't give up on me and i won't give up on you

8. i loved her fancy underwear i sat behind her every year waiting for the chance to tell her im the one she should be with but see she had other plans i couldnt understand her and her stupid friends bostons her biggest fans never forget the day she laughed and walked away i couldnt stop her i guess she had it all i guess she had it all figured out but she left me with a broken heart (yeah, they searched that entire thing)

9. hannuka (spelled wrong, classy.)

10. i can't stop thinking about sausage rolls because i had sausage rolls earlier but the harder i try not to think about sausage rolls the more i can't stop thinking about sausage rolls now my head is full of sausage rolls "break dancing" and bungee jumping and a sausage roll with a guitar playing "rock n roll" (i don't even know how to respond to this, but it is amazing.)

ok really people, what the fuck? is this what you think of me? and none of these searches include jon stewart! what's up with that? isn't my God important to you?



Pretty much why I have the live feed on my blog. I CONSTANTLY have people from random countries showing up on my blog because they googled "weird nudes". I'm sure they're pretty bummed with what they find on Athena Bee's.

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