this weekend

April 13, 2009

friday we went for our ultrasound to check on how things are growing and everything seems A+ 100. it's a boy! i am psyched. i really wanted it to be a boy, but you know you don't really want to tell people that and then find out it's a girl and they all think you hate your kid or something. or you're like jon's mom and you tell every person you meet about how sad you were that jon was a boy and you cried for weeks, because i'm sure that's nice to hear. jon didn't care boy or girl, but i am thrilled. boys are cool you know, because i like westerns and guns and dogs and cars. and legos and robots. other than that it was uneventful. his name is Jude, which i didn't want to tell everyone right away but since we told our parents (and by proxy the whole world) i guess it doesn't really matter anymore. so there you have it. Jude.

he was totally uncooperative, in fact i'm surprised he let us check out his man parts at all. he was laying crossways underneath my belly button and was not interested in moving. therefore we got much crappier pictures than last time. i'm not even sure if i'll post them because they are just blurry jumbles. in one of them he looks like a freaky dead cat skeleton. but he is much much bigger. they said about 10 oz (which is what he should be) and heart and spine and brain and man parts were all aok. yeah boyyeeee! i am 20 weeks this week which is the halfway point. nothing else exciting to report. i feel fine, he is fine, i'm not really showing any more than i was, boring boring boring, etc.

if you remember this post, we actually found one! and scooped that baby up in a flash. saturday we drove to kettering (s. of dayton) to pick up jon's bike now that he has insurance and plates and all that legal shabang. it was fun. it was a nice day. we googled directions back that were supposed to avoid highways (it is a 72cc bike- doesn't go very fast) and thank you google those were technically not interstates but when the speed limit is 55 that doesn't really help us out much. it was uneventful it just took a while to drive back roads home, but jon got loads of practice in so now he looks like a pro.

i like how nico is sniffing the scoot's butt like it's another dog. classic nico.

jon with the scoots!

sunday, the easter day i don't care about, we took the dogs to the dog park and generally lounged about. we made a rack of ribs on the grill which was tasty delicious. i tried to go to the mall to buy baby boy fun stuff but guess what? the mall isn't open on easter. and neither is target. stupid jesus, some of us don't care about you and want to spend our hard-earned money.

gratuitous photo of our yard looking springy

and mr. nico looking majestic and full of majesty.

and bang, being too close because that is just what she does. every second of every day. in my face.


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