to cut or not to cut?

April 21, 2009

if you read any parenting/pregnancy websites these days you probably know that there are certain topics which everyone will, no matter what, totally lose their shit and fight about. it's in vogue to battle about breastfeeding, vaccinations, natural birthing, and circumcision. oh, the circumcision. jon and i agree about almost everything. ever. we practically share a brain except that he likes sports and i like video games instead. but we just can't seem to come to a consensus on this one for one of the first times ever. he's pro; i'm against. it all started with this:

i'm not a huge fan of this video. it's totally biased. and the questioner (daphne?) starts it out from the beginning in a negative tone pretty much attacking one of my favorite bloggers ever, finslippy. in fact ever since this video i have totally disliked that lady.  she also looks vaguely like my aunt cathy.  but, it got me thinking at least. and so we talked about it. and talked about it. and got nowhere.

i should probably preface this discussion with the fact that we are not jewish. if anything, jon was technically raised catholic and the vatican's official position was (not sure if it still is, i don't exactly keep up with all their rules) anti circumcision. i do find it funny that the catholic reasoning for this was that it's "putting a mark on your body" the same argument that jon's mom likes to use about his tattoos. you broke that rule first, lady. take that! but we were born in a generation where that was just the thing everyone did. let's just say that religion is not a deciding factor in this for our family, since we don't care. so then we went back and forth with the articles. we are both obsessed with reading the news, so for either one of us this is the most effective way to prove a point:

i sent him this article about circumcisions gone wrong.
he sent me this article about circumcisions preventing diseases.
i sent him this article i really liked about why the foreskin is necessary.
...he wrote back and let me know that one of the listed sources for that article is from a veterinary manual and it was written more than 10 years ago. point taken.

we were arguing about this even before we knew we were having a boy, just in case. i think at this point we will probably go with whatever he decides. he has one, i don't. unlike some anti-circumcision people i don't think that doing it cripples or deforms a guy forever. and some of them really strongly believe that. i am definitely not on that side of the spectrum. but at the same time i don't understand people who do it just because "that's what everyone does" or "because uncut penises are ugly and dirty." that's stupid in the complete opposite direction. can't we meet somewhere in the middle? someplace where you actually research and then decide, and then no matter what you choose you've made an informed decision?

so there you go jon, i think you win. i can live with any decision as long as it is well informed. and considering how much we have each read about this in order to later argue about it i think we definitely count as informed.

UPDATE: minutes after posting this i found yet another article about it. check it out here. it's a funny one. i originally wanted to hear from people on this but that was my mistake, because i totally forgot that anti-circ people are like vicious rabid dogs. they jump all over this shit in seconds.



Since you believe in being well informed, check out this page for expectant parents-

To answer your question, no, we didn't circumcise our son. We didn't circumcise our daughters either.


Tell me you didn't watch the video.

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