and the winner is...

May 4, 2009

kitchen: 1
jamie: 0

we tiled the entire floor saturday. don't worry it only took 12 hours. but, it looks badass. side effects of this? excruciating crippling back pain. i try to walk, my knees lock up, i fall down. i probably should have stayed home from work. so is the tile grouted? no.


tired of hearing about our kitchen? yeah, well i'm tired of being in my kitchen. screw you. i'm slowly realizing that all those people who "take it easy" during pregnancy? they probably do that for a reason. like crippling back pain and exhaustion. so maybe in the future, when this nightmare is over, i'll think about taking it

tonight, we finish the grout. it's going to happen because it has to happen. in other news we bought a sweet ceiling fan, pendant lamps, and when i get home from work the 30 contractor bags will all be gone because we sold some old crap on craigslist and we're paying some nice guy to haul all the trash away.
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