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May 18, 2009

we have lights! fancy-fance pendant lights that jon picked out! and the oven works! look how shiny it is! i can officially tell you that it makes delicious brownies.

and here is a progress timeline, focused only on one corner of the room:


(wall demolition)

(ceiling demolition)

(this weekend- cabinets in, slate tile is in and peeking out on the bottom right, lights in)

so you know, things are good. at least it feels like progress is being made. bad news on the countertops is that they won't be delivered until the 27th which also happens to be the day before we are getting a new roof. crazy much?? so no water or range until the countertops are in. but i can bake in my new convection oven as much as my little heart desires as long as i wash all the dishes with the hose outside.


Ky (Two Pretzels)

It looks amazing. God bless you for handing this right now. I'd lose it.


Remodeling while pregnant! I was so there. We re-did our kitchen and added a 500 square foot addition to our house during pregnancy number one. We came home with our son to a counter-less kitchen (but we had appliances and running water). This go-round, we're remodeling the basement. Pregnancy does crazy things to the brain. I figured, as long as we have a place to change diapers and nurse the baby and a place to sleep, we'd be OK, even if the remodel wasn't done, and we were. It looks like your kitchen is well on its way to completion - love those lights!

wrestling kitties

Wow, looking good!! Yeah, this would be stressful for anyone, let alone being pregnant!


ooooh, pendant lights, I'm jealous!

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