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May 27, 2009

every day when i leave my desk after 5 to go home the janitor is upstairs cleaning the bathrooms. and every day, when i walk by him on my way out, we make awkward small talk about the weather and other inane things. since i've been pregnant this is one of my least favorite parts of the day. sometimes i leave early and hope we won't have to cross paths on the way out the door. i creep up the stairs quietly and slink around the corner. most days though, there he is. i walk by quickly, sucking in the belly and trying to stand up very straight. but the belly-sucking-in isn't really very effective anymore, so i carry my purse angled over my stomach.

he's a perfectly nice guy. i just hate making small talk with people that much. i guess at some point none of my disguising attempts will work anymore and we'll have to talk about it. and then he'll call me mama, like he calls my friend. but until that time, i'm going to keep sneaking out every night so i don't have to talk to anyone else about my due date, or how i'm feeling.



I'm your "friend"...I totally made your blog!!

the grumbles

you're totally famous, yo!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Tee hee. Wear sunglasses and start speaking to him only in Spanish. I bet he'll stop talking to you.

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