reasons a pregnant lady will cry

May 29, 2009

i've heard all about how pregnant ladies cry during sappy commercials, tv, movies, and when they see a cute baby, but my experience has been, uh, different. here are a few of the reasons i've cried in the last few weeks:

1. heartburn

2. sneezing

3. eating a tasty barbecue sandwich

4. no ice in my drink

5. i want to go to the grocery store... NOW

6. unable to go to the fridge to get ice from the ice machine

and funniest of all, i cried when i saw this clip on the best damn sports show's top 50 funny moments:

you know why? because i didn't know which one of those men was devin harris the nba player. i thought through the entire video that the white guy was devin harris. i didn't understand why it was funny that he would be good at basketball. and then when jon explained it i cried and cried, because devin harris tricked me. i'm still kind of confused about it now, i mean i have no idea who the hell devin harris is.

pregnancy is weird.
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