special thanks to you, sir

May 21, 2009

last night was the first official time a stranger in public noticed i was pregnant and talked to me. it. was. awesome.

we stopped by our favorite gyro shop (chicago gyro on mcmillan) to pick up some dinner to take home. while we were waiting for our food at the counter some random thug walked up to me and said, "that baby wants you to eat that tasty gyro. it wants you to eat the whole thing. when are you due?" and then i told him september, and then he said, "cool." and walked away.

random man, you made my night. and i'm especially proud that the first person to say something wasn't some old lady at target. no no, it was a random thugging black man, because that's how we roll around here.

i feel like i should send him a card, or flowers. cheers.


Ky (Two Pretzels)

Aw! Awesome. I'm so glad that your first "public" experience was a good one.

Mine? I was at the airport and someone asked me if I had a separate ticket for the "little one". :)

It was a man, too. Funny.

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