survival of the fittest

May 26, 2009

this is the only photo i was able to snap at the race, taken on my dad's blackberry since i didn't bring my own camera. we always sit in the same seats overlooking the start line, the pits, and turn #1 (which this year was the scene of some intense fire-y crash action). all that mess down there on the track is the drivers getting into their cars before start. it was fun, as usual. growing up in a family that loved/participated in racing the hummmm of the cars at the track always makes me want to take a nice afternoon nap. but i did not nap, because it was 5 billion degrees. actually it was only like 85-90 but the humidity was out of control. but other than being very hot things went fine. my dad upgraded us to park a few blocks closer than usual which was nice. and my shoes gave me a wicked blister on one heel, bastard shoes.

the rest of the weekend was fine. we tried to make some time to see family where we could before we came home monday morning. you know, a lot of small talk with people about how no really, i'm feeling quite fine. but i am so happy to be home, in my comfortable bed, with my dogs running all around, eating the foods of my own choosing in my pajamas. i'm not really a pleasant traveler right now and i don't like to be away.

there's an action packed week ahead: countertops get installed, nico goes to the vet, i go in for my glucose test, we get a new roof, and jon's dad may be coming down again over the weekend to finish up the plumbing (i could have a sink next week. a real working kitchen sink. zomg).

we bought a bunch of organizing fun-time kitchen accessories yesterday at ikea, can i tell you seriously how excited i am to have a 17 piece set of green tupperware? for $5???
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